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Plaster Stencil designs ranging from life-sized trees to intricate borders and medallions

Unique plaster molds for beautiful wall/ceiling decorating and craft projects

Painting Stencil Designs for Every Taste and Budget

Stencil slacks, jackets, dresses and more to create a one of a kind wardrobe.

Get Ideas to Help You Turn Your Home in to the Home of Your Dreams with Plaster Stenciling, Stenciling with Paint, Plaster Molds and Faux Finishes

How To Stencil with Paint and Plaster

Learn How Easy it is to Stencil with Plaster, Stencil with Paint, Cast Plaster from a Mold and Apply it to the Wall, Plus a Whole Lot More!

Special Tip

Do you know that you can stencil with a paint roller? Choose a small, low nap roller kit from Lowe's, Home Depot or your local craft store. Roll the roller head in to your choice of paint colors then roll off excess paint on to a pad of newspapers before rolling over the stencil. The use of spray stencil adhesive will keep your stencil flat to the wall which helps to prevent paint rolling up under the stencil openings. It's a quick and easy way to cover a wall with a stencil wallpaper design! You'll be done in no time!

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